Land border and coastline surveillance solution


Symban. The global border and coastline surveillance solution

Main features

    • Interconnection of multiple radars and multiple Theia cameras through IP radio network
    • Remote Control for all equipment through encrypted IP Mesh network and/or 5G network
    • Target detection
    • Target range finding and geo-positioning
    • Position one or multiple Theia (user defined) on one or multiple targets (user defined)
    • Force one or multiple Theia to track a user defined target or targets
    • Automatic target tracking by video image analysis and/or radar
    • Force one or multiple Theia to investigate one or multiple positions on a digital map (all user defined)


    • Border control
    • Coastline surveillance
    • Prevention of irregular migration
    • Sensitive and critical infrastructures protection
    • Protection during major events like Olympic games, COP, G7 or G20 summits
    • Pipeline surveillance
    • Search & Rescue operations on sea or land
    • Surveillance and detection of any illegal activity like unauthorized fishing or smuggling