The Next Generation Surveillance Systems


Catalyst LLC (a Masdar-BP initiative) has awarded our company a contract in order to develop “Theia” the next generation surveillance systems. Theia, named after the Greek Goddess of the sight and the shining light, will help its users for:

  • Border control
  • Tactical operations by defense forces
  • Prevention of irregular migration
  • Sensitive and critical infrastructures protection
  • VIP protection
  • Protection during major events like Olympic games, COP, G7 or G20 summits
  • Pipeline surveillance
  • Search & Rescue operations on sea or land
  • Surveillance and detection of any illegal activity like unauthorized fishing or smuggling

Target distance 4800m, Guided missile tests
Photos published with the authorization of the French Defense Forces

Main features:


  • Night Vision with IR laser illumination
  • Optically stabilized lens
  • Interference avoiding high end GNSS unit
  • Full remote control using 4G/5G networks and/or IP Mesh radios
  • Range finder and Geo localization
  • Active cooling system for extreme weather conditions
  • Unmanned operation
  • ITAR free
  • Transportable

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